Focusing on Ceramics

While I have some plastic projects in the making, my main focus at the moment is on ceramic sculpture that surprise, surprise, involves plankton. Just can’t let it go 🙂 . I started another blog dedicated to it and you are welcome to follow it, of course:



Seaweek at Te Papa 2014

I was lucky enough to be asked to help with one of the events organised for the Seaweek this year. The idea was that visitors of Te Papa: young and old, locals and tourists will create a Taniwha or a Maori water spirit out of plastic collected from Wellington Harbour. In this link above Shonagh Lowerson-Head tells the whole story very well.

Plastic Plankton Sea Monster


Plastic Plankton Sea Monster

My Artist Statement for this work reads:
“What if a sea monster exists but it is not the one of Nature’s creations? What if it does not have a single living sell in it but we created it, we are feeding it and we are growing it bigger and stronger? We even have a name for it, we call it Plastic.
This Plastic Plankton Sea Monster is made using polystyrene debris collected from Wellington Harbour. It has been in the sea for so long that it started to look natural but scratch the surface it is still as brand new as when it was packaging in a box. It is a part of ongoing Project “Plastic Plankton” that Anya Mowll is working on to promote the awareness of plastic pollution in the sea.”