Welcome to my blog!
I am a third year BAppA student. As well as studying arts I study Photography and Psychology. I also have a Diploma in Ceramic Arts. I think I can explain a bit about this strange selection of interests… First of all I grew up in a Museum. Literally… My mother worked at a Museum and very often she took me to work with her when I was a child. It was (and still is) a Museum that had a big collection of ancient pottery from local archaeological sites and one of the biggest collections of Soviet Avantgarde Art. So that will explain my Art and Ceramics loving side… That went on till my Dad started working with exotic animals like snakes and tropical fish and I moved to his work … I guess, it will explain why my work has always something to do with animals and other organic stuff. My love to Photography I got from my Granddad (Dedushka) who was a very keen photographer and gave me my first camera when I was nine or so. And I managed to “document” my school years that all my schoolmates are still thankful to me for. Psychology… well, that is a mystery… I just love it…
At the present I am working on a project called “Plastic Plankton”, the idea is inspired by the fact that plastic comes from oil and oil comes amongst other things from plankton, also the problem of plastic not degrading, not ever. It is different from anything I’ve done before and I find it really exciting. It wasn’t a straight forward decision though… I knew I wanted to try plastic bottles as a medium then I started studying its qualities and possibilities while looking for ideas what I could make with it. Then I saw prints of skeletal plankton by Ernst Haeckel… and that was it… I found what I was looking for and together with my obsession with things being suspended in the air due to the effect of Cornelia Parker’s work on me I ended up with the project that is my first ever installation and it will be a big one too!
On this blog I will be on the journey of creating my work, looking at other artists’ work and their approaches and I welcome you to join me to share your thoughts and suggestions.


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