Blogging as a tool to promote your Art

There are many ways that a blog can be used to promote one’s art. By saying many I mean many! And again I use for examples and inspiration.
Guest posting – by leaving a comment on someone’s post you create interest therefore higher traffic to your blog. It made sense to me when I read that your comments should be aimed at your potential buyers not artist! Examples of such blogs are fashion and home décor blogs, animal or eco blogs or find blogs that specialize in your niche.
Create a blog to document your specific art project. Don’t be tempted to name it after yourself. This blog will be promoting your chosen art project that will keep your followers informed and interested in your work. In this blog share the processes involved in the project, post photos of yourself working and make it fun. Once the project is finished don’t stop posting. Share photos of the work in transit, being exhibited from as many angles as possible.
Use other social site to link people to your blog. That will inform them that you do have a blog which should increase traffic.
It is funny how once you read something it becomes so obvious! For example: make sure that your work is easy to share with others. Of course, why didn’t I think of that! Make sure you have a share option for all major social websites. I found this tip here: They also had the following advice, “if you use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress, and activate the XML sitemap functionality, it will automatically ping Google and Bing whenever you post something new, and you can also set it to ping Yahoo! and if you wish”.
These are the ideas that I found useful but would love to hear your suggestions!

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