Starting business as an artist. Easy? Yes and No…

Experiment with plastic milk bottle

Experiment with plastic milk bottle

Below are just a few of the websites that cover self employment as an artist. And while they all cover the technical aspect of it none of them mention that it is almost impossible to exist solely on producing your own art. Reading magazines, articles and forums I realise more and more that no matter how talented an artist is, or well known or in demand it is a really hard job that more often than not will call for another source of income. The good thing is that it can be still connected to your art, for example teaching others in your field of art at an established school or giving private lessons.
This website covers how to start and stop a business, legal side and taxes and also provides support in marketing, finance, and even advice on exporting:
Another government run site that suggests a list of questions you should ask yourself when thinking about starting a business venture:
This website has a lot of tips on what to look at when you start a business:
And the following websites are focused on how to be a self employed artist.
Here you can find lots of useful information specifically on self employment for artists:
This websites provides practical advice on how to get started and promote yourself as an artist:
I wish there were more information on how to a self employed artist in New Zealand. From talking to other artists I learnt that main problem is the size of the country, it is around four and a half million people which in other countries usually is the size of the capital only… So what are the options for New Zealand artists to stay independent, profitable and be able to grow?


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